Return to Shadow Lake - A Spencer Kane Adventure, the third and final book in this series, is coming right along!  The final draft should be ready by next week, then the editing begins.  With any luck, the e-book will be available within approximately two weeks.  Once I know the exact date, I will post it here!

I haven't created the cover for Return to Shadow Lake, but once it's ready, again, I'll post it here!

I know there's been confusion as to the name of book #2 vs Book #3.  Originally, book #2 was to be named Return to Shadow Lake, which was printed in the back of book #1.  While writing book, #2 it was obvious that the name didn't fit.  The name of book #2 was changed to Escape From Shdadow Lake.  (This was mentioned on my website and blog, but not seen by all readers.)  Book #3 then became Return to Shadow Lake.  I apologize for the mix-up, and hope this clears up the confusion.

I also received several criticisms that I would like to address.  Many readers took the time to comment on my books, and I sincerely appreciate that.  Some reviews are good, while others are not so good.  The negative criticism I saw the most, was the way I've ended (or not ended) my books. 

In my attempt to create anticipation and excitement for the next book release, I unknowingly and unintentionally upset and lost some readers, who may believe that this will always be my writing style.  I want to let those of you know that I AM LISTENING!

This was my first attempt at writing, and I have learned more with each release.  NONE OF MY FUTURE BOOKS, WHETHER STAND-ALONE OR IN A SERIES, WILL END AS ABRUPTLY AS MY FIRST TWO BOOKS!  I believe it created more frustration than anticipation.  That is not what I wanted!  I hope those who didn't like that style, will come back and give my books another chance.

Book #1, Mystery at Shadow Lake is still FREE on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.  The book will be FREE for at least another week.  Get your copy now!