Return to Shadow Lake - A Spencer Kane Adventure, the third and final book in this series, is now available in e-book and other mobile formats on Smashwords., Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.  Just click the links to go directly to the book page.

The paperback will be available soon, depending on how tricky the formatting is this time!  I will let you know as soon as it's ready to order.

This book is a bit longer than the other two (over 60k vs 49k and 52k), so it's taken longer to edit, review and get ready for you!  I thank you for your patience, as I know I have changed the release date several times on this one.

I hope you enjoy book #3, and will leave me a comment and rating on your site of purchase after you've read the book.  I would certainly appreciate it!

Book #1, Mystery at Shadow Lake is still FREE on Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and Amazon for the e-book.  The book will be FREE until the third paperback is completed (at least).  Get your copy now!

Thank you for your interest in the Spencer Kane Adventure series! 

Excerpt from Book #3:
“I can feel the spirits that are in our presence.”  He looked around the room at each of us, reading our expressions.  “Do not worry…we are not in danger here.”

“Here?”  Dad asked.  “Why do I have the feeling there is significance to that word?”

“You are wise, Mr. Kane.  Here, we are not in danger.  When we take the artifacts back to Shadow Lake, there will be a period of significant risk.”

“What exactly do you mean by we?”

“The book will explain everything.  There is only one way to stop the curse and end the threat to the safety of those at Shadow Lake.”

“You didn’t answer my question,” Dad insisted.  “Who must take these artifacts back to the lake?”

He turned in his chair once again, this time to face the three of us sitting on the hearth.  “We will need your help to release the curse on this land.  Without your participation, the spirits will not be defeated.”  He gazed at Angela, Cassie, and me with a pleading expression.

“Oh, hell no!” Mr. Martin yelled out.  “My daughter is not going back to the lake along with the artifacts that will put her in danger!  What would she possibly know about releasing a curse?  This is insane.”

The manuscript for Return to Shadow Lake - A Spencer Kane Adventure has been completed, and is now in the hands of the editor.  Choosing to use a professional editor delays the release of the book somewhat, but in my opinion, is the right thing to do.  This way, I know the book will be the best it can be!

Once I know a release date for the e-book, I will post it here, and e-mail those on my Readers List.  I will also make an announcement on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and others.

The paperback may take a week longer to release.  I will notify you of the exact date for this, also.

Thanks to all the readers for your support!