Fellow Readers,

I am very excited to announce that the paperback for book #3, Return to Shadow Lake – A Spencer Kane Adventure, is NOW available for order on Createspace.com!!  Here is the direct link to the book page.  http://www.createspace.com/3980524

Within 5-7 business days, the book will appear on Amazon.  I wasn’t given a time frame for Barnes & Noble, but hope it will be the same time as the Amazon availability.

Due to the number of pages in this book (348), I was required to raise the price to cover the higher printing cost.  Believe me, I didn’t want to charge any more for this book than the others, but I guess since the printer has to print an extra 20,000 words they have to charge more for printing.  I hope the extra few dollars doesn’t keep you from reading the book.  I reduced my royalty amount, to charge the least amount possible.

I really hope you enjoy part 3 of 3 of the Shadow Lake series of the Spencer Kane Adventures.  I would also love your feedback (additional info is on the last page of the book).  All three purchase sites have ‘Like’ buttons and a way for you to leave your rating and comments on the book.  It helps me to know what was liked/not liked.  I keep these things in mind when I write the next book.  If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to give my book a rating and your comments on the story, I would be most grateful!

Thank you for your continued support!!

Brenda L. Hoffman

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