Welcome to my blog site!  I am working on a new book series entitled The Spencer Kane Adventures.   The first book is titled "Mystery at Shadow Lake".   This will be my first book series, and I hope you will find it both interesting and entertaining.

I am very excited about this series, and hope to reach those that are interested in any type of mystery.  Since this is all new to me, I will be doing my best to reach my audience by learning all I can about communicating with readers and authors alike, and making it easy for you to FIND ME on the web!

Please pass my link to others you know that might be interested.  I appreciate your help in getting my name and series title out there for others to see!

Please check back for updates on the status of my book(s), and feel free to leave comments.

In the near future, I will be setting up a Contact List for anyone who wants to receive e-mail updates directly from me with the latest book info.  Watch for a new button to be added to the site soon!

Thanks again for visiting my blog site!