If you've been waiting for the paperback of the latest Spencer Kane Adventure, The Lake Dweller, wait no more!  The book is now live on Createspace.
Even if you haven't tried the previous Spencer Kane books, I hope you'll give this one a look.  It's well-suited for the YA crowd, and also liked by any age that enjoys a suspenseful mystery that the entire family can share.

Rewrites of prior books are still underway, as I 'cut out' the extra fluff, and ensure that the content is YA appropriate, and professionally edited.  The revised books will show Revision, or Version2, Vol 2 (or similar, depending on the limitations of the individual sales channels).

Separate updates will be sent as the rewrites are made available! 

Thanks to my readers for their continued support and encouragement.  I'm glad to know that there is still a place in the reading world for a clean, but suspenseful story with likable characters!


04/26/2015 6:15am

I have never read his books. If you said that this book is so good I'll try it. Who knows maybe then I'll read all previous books.

07/20/2016 4:55am

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