Exciting news!  The latest Spencer Kane Adventure, The Lake Dweller, has received 5-star reviews across the board since it's recent release.

If you're looking for a mystery the whole family can enjoy this summer, you've found one.

Suitable for middle school/teens on up, the story provides suspense, a creepy stranger, suspicious noises in the dark, and a young boy who finds his way 'home' with the help of Spencer Kane and his good friend, Cassie Vance.

Treat your family to "book night" and spend time together, while you keep the kids reading over the summer months!



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Really how does a book get a five star review? I am curious. I have seen a lot of good books but they don't get any of this. Does the publisher need to apply for this? Where do we send the books to get a review? How long will it take? Five stars are usually announced in the cover so they knew it before the book is even sold.

12/16/2015 11:19pm

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