The Super-SALE mentioned in my last blog post below, has been EXTENDED!!

All Spencer Kane Adventures will remain 60-100% off; Also, I am adding another book to the list, The Incidental Inheritance. (YA on up) The regular price for this book is $2.99. It will be on sale for .99c!!

Here is the complete sales list:

Spencer Kane Adventures:

  • Mystery at Shadow Lake (Book #1) - FREE (reg .99c)

  • Escape from Shadow Lake (Book #2) - .99c (reg $2.99)

  • Return to Shadow Lake (Book #3)- .99c (reg $2.99)

  • The Shadow Lake Trilogy (Books #1-3) $1.99 (reg $4.99)

  • The Lake Dweller (Book #4) .99c (reg $2.99)

Added to the SALE:

  • The Incidental Inheritance (YA+) .99c (reg $2.99)

All are available on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes & Kobo. (Just click on the site of your choice, and you'll land on my books page...may need to scroll down to see all...remember, this is for e-books only.) There, you can read excerpts and descriptions for each book.

For those who took advantage of the FREE Mystery at Shadow Lake (Book #1), you have another chance to get the remaining two books in the trilogy for less than half the price of buying ONE of them after the sale is over!!

Stock up for fall reading while the prices are still awesome! I can only maintain these prices for a few more days...get 'em while they last!!



04/26/2015 6:06am

Great prices for so good books! Want to buy all of them.

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06/04/2016 3:57am

Yeah! Get them while they last!

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